Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Acceptance of Works Quotation/raising of Purchase Order is an acceptance of our Terms and Conditions including any further site specific Terms and Conditions included in the Quotation

2. Quotations are supplied in good faith and based upon information available at survey and/or provided by client 

3. Where unknown issues arise following commencement of works (e.g. after removing existing floors, damp ingress, etc) then works will stop and remedial works & costs agreed before continuation of works

4. Once works commence no changes to specification, schedule, etc will be made until agreed in writing by all parties

5. Delays in completing works to agreed schedule due to unknown issues being identified or site not being ready will incur additional costs for lost time, travel, etc. 

6. Cancellation of works will incur the following charges; 100% if within 14 days of commencement, 50% if within 30 days of commencement and 25% if within 31 - 60 days of commencement. All materials ordered will be charged in full.  

7. All goods and materials remain the property of Ryan Leisure Activities Limited until paid for in full. We reserve the right to remove installed or delivered goods and materials without notice and in the event of overdue or non-payment within agreed payment terms  

8. Our payment terms are clear on each quotation. In the event of non agreed late payment we reserve the right to charge interest on the outstanding amount at 10% above Base Rate and an administration cost of 2.5% per month or part thereof until paid in full.   

9. Site conditions are the sole responsibility of the client and no acceptance of issues arising through site conditions will be accepted. This includes humidity, temperature, ventilation, moisture ingress, etc. 

10. Correct expansion gaps will be set at installation for all new timber floors. Charges will be made if these need to be re-set after 15 days due to site conditions and/or excessive weight(s) being placed on the floor limiting movement.

11. Following completion of works we will leave the site in a clean and tidy condition including dusting down up to 2m high and/or sweeping/vacuuming floors where required. Air borne dust may continue to settle after we have left site so we recommend further dusting down and/or sweeping/vacuuming by client before return to use.

12. Full and sole and uninterrupted access to the work area will be required for the duration of our works. 

13. We require full lighting and heating to be in operation during duration of works. Access to a power supply and water along with staff welfare facilities on site must be provided 

14. All warranties and guarantees provided are subject to correct ongoing maintenance being completed by ourselves. Unless specifically agreed in writing use of 3rd party contractors to complete works during the warranty period may result in the warranty or guarantee becoming void. 

15. All requested closedown and drying periods must be adopted in full. We will not accept any responsibility for damage, failure, etc. due to premature use.

16. If re-sealing floors the client must advise at time of quotation and intervening period prior to commencement if any wax based polishes, taped lines, etc have been used.

17. The above and Quotation specific Terms and Conditions will take preference over any client Terms and Conditions including payment terms, etc.